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All about Karpathos - the island of hospitality
to the Karpathos website The website [ www.karpathos-gr.de ]

Welcome to the Greek island of Karpathos. On our private website you will find a lot of information, pictures, reports and much more. Just have a look inside by clicking on the picture and enjoy some wonderful Greek background music. (language: German)
to the Karpathos picture gallery The picture gallery [ www.karpathos-online.de ]

Here you can see the latest pictures from Karpathos island. After registration you can become active by presenting your own Karpathos pictures in this gallery. Show us your Karpathos pictures for free! Just click on the picture. (language: German)
to the Karpathos forum The forum [ www.karpathos-forum.de ]

The new Karpathos forum is continued by Franz Postlbauer now! Inside the Karpathos forum you will find the latest information about the island. (language: German)